Rumours answered.

So, it has been brought to my attention about the "rumours" and what people have been incorrectly reporting about me. Well, going to clear up a few things once and for all (and not commenting on this further)

1. My Name:
It seems as if people are obsessed over my name. First, I have an "American" name as it happens with many individuals who are not born in the United States. I am also an Orthodox Christian along with baptism we are given a Slava or saint name. Mine happens to be Natalia Antonina ( Natalie). Early on in my modeling days there are so many people with my American name (Jessica) it just became confusing. So I do in fact use my Ukrainian (or Eastern Orthodox name). It would become rather confusing going to a casting and someone call "Jessica" and there would be probably 20 other Jessica's there. Plus, it is also a preference. Majority of my father's family will refer to me as "Nina", "Tonechka" etc which are diminutives of Antonina. I am very proud of my Ukrainian heritage.
 Another reasoning for this is for work purposes. I work in the medical field and for protection of my job and protection of patients of where I work, the use of my Ukrainian name makes sense. What people fail to understand I have a professional life as well and want to keep that separate from performing. So, my name is Natalia Page but my PERFORMER name is Persephone Fey. That is all most need to know.

2. Fake profiles:
I do not have any "fake" profiles on social media nor do I use them to role play etc. It is difficult to keep up with my own social media nonetheless have time to worry about a fake profile. If anyone is pretending to be DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I have only the one twitter account which I primarily use. Facebook is primarily for my family ONLY. Any other contact is primarily done on twitter which is my social media of choice.

3. Exposing Blogs:
NO. I don't own nor write any exposing blogs. In fact, someone contacted me to inform me of this. Again, between my medical career, performing, personal life and modeling no time for this and yes, I have read is much nicer than I would be or what I know about the for said situation (s).

4. Ageism:
I am NOT an ageist. I do have an issue with these individuals EMOTIONAL MATURITY. I feel a person can do whatever he or she chooses at whatever is the maturity of that individual. I do find it rather disturbing when a woman is 50 years of age and will literally belittle a girl my age in regards to her body and literally make attempts to destroy her self esteem. It is bad when it is girls my age doing this but even worse when it is women older than us doing this. Why? Because they are supposed to be setting examples for us.

5. Personal Life:
It is just that. My personal life. Friends and family help me maintain a personal life. There are certain aspects I just prefer to keep private, one of them being relationships. Who I am dating/involved with I would rather keep private because relationships are difficult to maintain especially when posting it constantly on social media. When other people are involved it makes it harder...some things people just don't need to know.

I could go on with this list but these are the most common. But, right now focusing on more important things which are projects coming up. xoxo
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