Je Suis Une Voleur

This is the last time I am going to speak on the subject as since many continue to make comments on my Facebook page as well my blog. Sure people are entitled to their opinions of me as a performer but it is growing tiresome with performers who are so disappointed in their own lives, making fake profiles just to comment on my blog.
  You want to call yourself a professional, a mature adult and claim that I am "ageist" because when a woman is 50 years old and has nothing else better to do than to harass a girl my age via social media as quite disheartening.
What you should focus on is your relationships and slew of performances in which you constantly brag about on social media instead of wasting that time spreading lies about me online. Yet, also forgot you don't because if you did you wouldn't be.
  So if someone defends me that automatically makes it a fake profile? Not everyone agrees with you and there are more people who support me than you realise.
And I agree with the comment in which the more you speak the more jealous you sound.
  I have moved on with my life thankfully and I have more going for myself than just Burlesque, so go spend time figuring out your own lives instead of constantly worrying about mine.

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