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Someone recently asked, "what is burlesque to me"? in all honesty, it is many things to me personally some good and some not so good like all things in life there are ups and downs to it. I always had an interest in burlesque mainly because at a young age we would frequently take trips to Las Vegas. I remember sneaking to watch the dancers perform and fell in love with everything then: the costumes, the dance routines, the music it was all so fascinating to me...and it still is.
  I also grew up having an appreciation for vintage style, fashion and make up so of course getting older and not dancing ballet as much figured why not try burlesque...I still get to enjoy dance but also incorporate my love for the vintage in it as well; what's there not to love, right?
 To me burlesque is a skill. It is a form of dance and a form of art. It is also more than fancy costumes or how glittery they are. I have seen burlesque performers with fabulous costumes but not great performers, I have also seen burlesque performers with simple costumes but their numbers were amazing and never seen anything like it.
 Skill, like I mentioned, it is a dance and I say this because it is being aware of movement of not just a costume but your body as well, how to move with the music and yes can have all of those things but if it isn't a presence it means nothing.
 Burlesque is also empowerment, encouraging other women not the name calling and body shame I have seen and experienced those things as well. It is finding beauty in the simplest things and enjoying those moments; it is not being afraid to ask or to learn, to make mistakes as well move on from them. It is the freedom to express yourself however you choose. It is art and to some it will endure others not so much; some will love your art and some people won't...that is life.
Even with all of that it is appreciating what an artist can bring onstage, and the same is with ballet. People will appreciate your talents and some just won't "get it".
 So maybe to an extent they are the same (roughly) just our perspective of it and how the artist chooses to make it. I don't simply want to make burlesque. I want to make art and sometimes it is taking risks. Am I afraid, yea sometimes but can't think of it that way.
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