World Ballet Day

Today is World Ballet Day and I remember the very first time I saw ballet performed. I was 6 years old and my Mum took me to see Giselle; I had no idea what to expect but ever since then I fell in love with ballet and dance. I began taking lessons and even minored in dance while attending college until a car accident which happened very early my junior year. I still suffer from back, hip and shoulder issues from the accident but it hasn't deterred my love for ballet or dance in general.
  Slowly, I began to take ballet classes again and still am a ballet student. Being involved with BalletMet is one of the most amazing things and one I am very proud to be a part of. The fact have the ability to take classes with some of the most talented individuals is what helps an artist grow ( I feel).
  The same with burlesque it has its moments, yes but it can be such a positive artistic expression and in a way like ballet can have so many points of view all depending upon the artist or choreographer.  Many ask which do I consider myself more of I like to say artist because not strictly a burlesque performer nor ballet yet am a dancer...believe it or not, there are several burlesque performers with dance and or ballet backgrounds one of them Dita von Teese which is one of the many reasons I look up to her in the field of burlesque.
  For myself when performing, I really do love to incorporate ballet and modern dance into my numbers because that is who I am let's face it. I also like being unique and breaking artistic rules.
  So to all my fellow bunheads, and lovers of ballet keep dancing and as Pina Bausch once said, "dance, dance, otherwise we are all lost"

PS, this pointe shoe is from one of my favourite ballet dancers Courtney
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