Returning to the Light.

I took a hiatus from this blog.
I took a step back from everything that has been happening in my life and as mentioned in the past, my priorities from performing have changed. I announced that I would step back from performing as much to focus more on my educational endeavors as well advocate for PCOS. That is exactly what I've been doing during my "hiatus".

 This blog post is also going to force me to become more open about aspects of my life.

I suffer from PCOS. Did you know that over 10 million women world wide are affected by PCOS? For those who do not know: PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) affects almost every aspect of one's health and each person definitely. It's considered an autoimmune disorder and I've had it for years. Some days are really great and others not so great. It is one of the leading causes of infertility and more women have PCOS than Lupus, breast cancer alone. It ravages a woman's body all the same and in some of the worst ways imaginable.

I was diagnosed in 2006. I began performing late 2012 and had to deal with my body and the weight gain. I also dealt with constant pain and fatigue. You see, PCOS affects women in the most visible way possible. Makes your hair fall out, I deal with chronic fatigue, inflammation. PCOS has done all of this to me.

It also didn't help with the emotional stress of performing. I am going to be honest, I've had people call me a cow because of my weight but they didn't realize that PCOS throws off my metabolism. It is much harder for me to lose weight compared to others. They also don't see how hard I diet and work out compared to everyone else.

I just simple became tired. Tired of always being the constant joke in the public eye and dealing with things that are really should be private as in my health but dealing with it in a very public way.

It hurt. A lot. But I also learned from those experiences and has made me stronger as a person.

So, when I heard that the PCOSAA based in Seattle was organizing the first annual PCOS Strides walk, I volunteered. The goal is to advocate and educate women and men about the affects of PCOS. It isn't just me, but it is my partner as well who I have to say has been one of the most supportive men I know when it comes to this.

The walk is in Columbus, OH on Sept 16 and if you can't make it personally please donate, learn from it.

Earlier this month Oddfellow's Oddities was gracious enough to allow me to say a few words about the walk. So a big thank you to them for giving me that platform.

Check out that episode if you can.

but here it is:

and if you want to contact my personal FB page about the walk:


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