Proud Bunhead

I have been criticized by many burlesque performers it would seem because of my ballet/dance training. Ballet takes extreme discipline and is a form of art and it is a passion of mine since the age of 6. Those who criticize probably have not been in a dance studio nor have done barre work as well do any sort of pointe work for ballet. I don't criticize about burlesque so don't criticize ballet. They are two completely different forms of dance but can be just as exciting, expressive and imaginative.
 I am a firm believer that there is more to burlesque just than flashing your boobs for attention which sadly many women are overly sexualized when it comes down to it because that is all they have to offer.
 I am very proud of my dance training and exceptionally proud to be a BalletMet student; it is not everyday get to be surrounded by so many talented artists and performers and have learned far more about being on stage than anything else. I am a huge fan of modburlesque because it focuses more on dancing and modern choreography than just being on stage and taking clothes off. I get it that is what burlesque is marketed as but the same individuals who express that is an art form are the same ones criticizing. I respect you so respect me as a performer. I also love how the burlesque performers who complain that my numbers are horrible are the ones who see nothing but just stripping as part of it, yet say it is more.
 I am a dancer and always marketed myself as one more than a burlesque performer and the ones who criticize are also the ones who are attempting to look more "dancer" in their routines.
 So for the lovely burlesque performer who messaged me the nasty message earlier...I am actually ashamed you are a human being.
 Overall, if the focus of burlesque is to empower women why is it necessary to message others and put them down to make them feel bad about themselves? That is the sign of insecurity...focus on being better people and performers than constantly worrying about what I am doing.
 So with that being said...I am a proud bunhead.
the end


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