Beginning Process. Picking Music.

Some have asked how do I go about picking music for a number? I know some artists like to use their favourite musician or genre of songs. For myself, it is more if the lyrics speak to me in one way or another. Even if I do not like that particular musician if he or she has a song in which I can fully relate to the lyrics/song more than likely I will or can make a number out of it.

For the showcase next month I selected two songs which are very important to me personally and as a performer.

Today will talk about "The Enemy" which is performed by one of my favourite bands Of Verona

This song has come to develop a meaning for me in the sense it helped me get through a time in my life and career as a performer which was very difficult. Over time I can to think of this number as my way of "speaking out" against bullying not just towards myself but for others. We all have ways of expressing ourselves and for me dance has always been my voice.

The choreography for this number was inspired by "Revelation" performed by Svetlana Zakharova

So this is a little sneak peek of what I will be working on for the Visionary Showcase on January 27!
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