Just Get Over It. [enough already] Update

It really is simple and easy to get over something. This is particularly easy when there are individuals who continually provoke the situation. I mean, who are the ones making fake Google plus accounts, messaging my facebook page and sending friends to snoop and report back? Then it only comes down to a series of people posting "shade" posts which is simply immature. Yea, immature when a person is 50 years old and messages a girl my age disturbing things such as: my body is fat or I should kill myself. Yes. This still happens in this day and age. Get over it. Sure I have far from moved on but since people like to degrade me because they feel it will garner attention for themselves.
 Sad. I am spending this year and have been thus far focusing on a new repertoire. Making new costumes. Creating new photography. Working on my nature art. Spending time with my close friends and family. These things are important to me. I really cannot care less except when a person attacks me or my close friends.
 I belong in the performance world. I have paid more than my fair share of "dues" as did my family. I have earned it, I have worked damn hard for it. You don't have to like me and honestly I don't give a shit if you don't. But at least be mature enough to not cross my personal boundaries.
Actually, it is sad, yet I am not going anywhere. Get used to me. Go love yourself instead.

I also wanted to just update this blog post. You know, we all need times to vent especially when things aren't so hot. And when I mean not so hot it is difficult when people who you don't even know or barely know at all will write horrible things about you via social media. I am far from delusional, nor do I consider myself "better" than anyone else but I do understand in a small extent why celebrities feel as they do. Never in my life have I witnessed so many women who are at least 10-15 yrs older than me making horrible comments via social media. These women act like "mean girls".  Saddest thing is they are jealous and so immature which is hard to grasp at their ages and they actually "get off" on toying with emotions of others.
  It is a control factor. They are so displeased with their own lives that they have to put down someone else because can control that. It's easy. If they were so busy with shows, etc they definitely wouldn't have time to be on this blog on a constant, and making fake profiles. They project their actions, insecurities onto me because people won't see their faults and what they are lacking.
 The question is why would I be jealous of them? I've been fortunate enough to travel the world at a young age, met some of the most amazing people, performed beyond my wildest dreams and they still perform locally and can barely get shows here, perform in shows where they are either not paid or lucky enough to get $10 in tips.  Not to mention they lost their business establishments, partners cheated on them, and goodness knows what else.
Yep, "kids are still depressed when you dress them up".

Go back to your sippy cups. No one is worried about you. In fact, I have moved on with my life, you're the ones who are still dwelling in it. I've listened to one of them bitch for over two years about it.
And that's the problem...they're the fakest people I know.

I deserve to be in the burlesque world and I deserve to be a performer. They haven't run me off, I'm not going anywhere so get used to me.

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